Hart of Dixie

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Dating

TMDB 7.3 / 10 by 231 votes

“Hart of Dixie” follows Zoe Hart, a new doctor from New York who thinks that she knows it all. Since graduating at the top of her class, she took after her father and became a cardio-thoracic surgeon. However, when Zoe’s plans fall apart, she turns to Dr. Harley Wilkes to help him with his practice in Bluebell, Alabama. However, she gets there to find that he passed away and gave his half of the practice to her. She meets Lemon Breeland and finds that the south isn’t so hospitable as it is portrayed. Brick Breeland is the owner of the other half and is not happy to have to share the profits with her. However, things are not all dark for Zoe when she meets Lavon Hayes, a former football star and George Tucker, a handsome lawyer who is Lemon’s fiance. When she is about to pack up and go back to New York, her mother comes and because of her snobby behavior, realizes that life in Bluebell isn’t bad at all. Season 1 – Monday at 9 PM Season 2 – Tuesday at 8 PM Season 3 – Monday at 8 PM (episodes 1-13) Season 3 – Friday at 9 PM (episodes 14-22)
Network: The CW
Country: US
First Airdate: Sep/26/2011
Status: Ended

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