Bondi Vet

Educational, Family

TMDB 9.2 / 10 by 4 votes

Featuring charismatic and energetic Sydney Veterinarian, Dr. Chris Brown, Bondi Vet is an unscripted half hour television series, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach. Chronicling the adventures of Dr. Chris, who lives and works in the world-famous beachside suburb of Bondi, Bondi Vet allows viewers a unique insight into the world of one of Sydney’s busiest vets and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating. Audiences will be exposed to unusual, unexpected and extraordinary “tails” of animals, and of course their owners, all through the eyes of Dr. Chris, adored by his clients, both the quadruped and bi-ped types. From cats to crustaceans to canaries, Bondi Vet will show how Dr. Chris saves the lives of animals that are ill or have suffered serious injury. Each episode will not only deliver a carefully crafted mix of human and animal interest stories, but will also feature a variety of animals that undergo elective procedures to long-term treatments involving the most intricate and technologically advanced surgery. Not only will viewers be treated to the behind the scenes action of the veterinary surgery but they will also get a sneak peak into the life of this handsome, intelligent and empathetic vet.
Network: ten
Country: AU
First Airdate: Feb/05/2009

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